How It Works

1) Determine a specialist subject:  generally it’s an issue that will be beneficial for you to talk to journalists about, and that you want to publicise. If you’re not sure what your specialist subject should be, just contact us and we’ll go through some options. You can use the chat service in the bottom right of the screen (we’re real people). If it’s difficult to arrange over chat, we’ll give you a phone number to call.

2) Give us some content on the specialist subject. It could be

  • a press release
  • an article you have written
  • a blog post
  • just some comment or an opinion piece
  • some research, statistics and data.

3) Sign-up to CrowdedPR
by paying £25 + VAT per month here.

4) We’ll set-up alerts to our crowd of public relations professionals to persuasively communicate with up to one journalist / influencer that’s researching your specialist subject each month. We only communicate with the journalists when they’re specifically interested in receiving information. They like that.

5) If you want to communicate with even more journalists, simply buy some money-back guaranteed top-up / add-on credits. The add-ons come in packs of three, six, ten, and twenty. If we don’t use all your extra credits within 24 months, you’ll get your money back.

6) We’ll provide a report of the editorial and influencer opportunities we’ve approached to include your information here. You’ll receive an email update each time we update your reporting area.