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    An insurance agent sells, solicits, or bargains insurance for any purpose. They often represent a single insurance company or specialize in one type of insurance such as life insurance. Some agents work for agents of one company, while others are independent and work for companies that do not do business with them. Insurance agents usually receive commissions and can get bonuses based on the type of coverage purchased. If you are thinking about getting an insurance agent you should research different agents in your area so that you can get the most competitive prices.A self employed individual will need to make sure that the insurance agent is an independent agent. This means they will have an office that is separate from the company and they will be able to handle all aspects of the policy that you want. It is also important that you research the background and experience of the insurance agent. You need to know their knowledge and ability before you buy your insurance. Ask questions that you know they will have answers for to ensure that you receive the best policy possible.One thing to keep in mind is that agents work for you and are paid by you. Therefore, they may be inclined to offer you the cheapest rate possible. However, if you purchase the wrong insurance policy for a high enough amount they may not make you happy when the time comes for payment. You can get lower rates if you are purchasing an insurance policy from a company that does not do business with you. This way you will receive the best rate possible without any hidden costs.