New Consumer Prediction Platform Vastly Increases Relevant Reach Of Content and Ad Campaigns

PWKPR/ October 19, 2017/

Ex-Google Directors Recruit Contextual Targeting Expert Fiona Salmon As 1plusX’s First UK Employee

A new data management platform developed by two ex-Google directors predicts consumers’ characteristics and interests enabling brands and publishers to vastly Increase the significant scale and relevant reach of digital marketing and content campaigns. 1plusX – which opens its first office in the UK in October 2017 and has already been deployed in Germany and Switzerland – is proving to deliver revenue increase to agencies of up to 10 per cent. One very large European media house recently grew its reach by 430 per cent and improved the quality of its user targeting by 32 per cent.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms 1plusX identifies previously unknown consumers whose characteristics and personal preferences are a match to what brands and publishers can offer. This vastly increases the relevant reach and significant scale of advertising and content campaigns, slashing the cost of wasted ad impressions, and improving the consumer experience by providing them with extremely relevant content and ads.

Solving The Data Set Combination Problem

In addition to vastly increasing the scale and reach of ad and content campaigns to relevant consumers who are as yet unknown to brands and publishers, 1plusX also enables far easier combining of available “deterministic data”. Deterministic data includes brands own (“first party”) data, publishers’ (“second party”) data, behavioural targeting companies’ (“third party”) data, search string data, users’ location data and many more data points.

Including Consumers’ Interest In Editorial

What’s more, the system can also integrate publishers’ semantic data, enabling contextually relevant ad and content campaigns. Such campaigns can target users with information that’s relevant to the editorial content they are consuming, ensuring it is the most personally appropriate digital environment and time to communicate with each relevant consumer. The platform already analyses 500 billion permutations of users interacting with particular words and phrases and has defined over 120 different audiences based on their subject interests, but is working on increasing this number.

Combining deterministic data with semantic data will enable far more premium targeting. However, adding 1plusX’s predictions of consumer characteristics and personal preferences introduces a new resource of “probabilistic data” which gives huge scale and reach to campaigns whilst maintaining the hyper relevant targeting of the ad and content campaigns. Publishers and advertisers can still choose to reduce the quality of user targeting to increase the scale and reach of their campaigns and vice versa.

Once the individual characteristics, personal preferences and content interests of each consumer are identified, they can be placed into a stage of the sales funnel. Brands or publishers can then use the 1plusX system to encourage consumers to interact with their ads and content in the most appropriate way so they proceed effectively along the sales funnel – such as encouraging them to click through to digital assets, engage with some in-depth digital content, share content, make a purchase, or other relevant action.

As well as enabling brands and publishers to communicate more personally with consumers, 1plusX also delivers predictive insight back to brands and publishers, which can inform their product, service, content and marketing decisions.

Two ex-Google senior directors lead 1plusX as CEO and CTO respectively: Dr. Jürgen Galler was Google’s EMEA Product Director, and Professor Dr. Thomas Hofmann was Google’s Engineering Director & Site Lead. They are supported by Joachim Schoss as company chairman.

Fiona Salmon joins 1plusX after a near 10 year stint in senior business development, publisher solutions and sales positions at contextual targeting pioneer Vibrant Media. Prior to Vibrant Media she was at News International, Emap, and Trinity Mirror.

The new UK managing director of 1plusX, Fiona Salmon, said, “At best, brands and publishers are using “deterministic data” – that’s the stuff they’ve gleaned from their customer relationship management system, or panel data of behaviours, characteristics and interests from specialised third-party data providers. However, deterministic data only tells them about consumers that are already known to them. What’s more, combining data sets into meaningful hyper-targeted campaigns which achieve commercially viable scale whilst retaining relevance to consumers has been the bane of many marketing technologies. 1plusX’s ability to easily composite deterministic and semantic data into meaningful defined audiences will be an incredible utility for the UK media and marketing industry.

“Yet 1plusX goes far beyond solving the data compositing problem. The platform’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms generate “probabilistic data” which makes incredibly accurate predictions of consumers’ characteristics and personal preferences whilst maintaining users’ anonymity. This data enables ad and content campaigns at vast scale without compromising on relevance to consumers – which is a huge challenge for programmatic ad systems. In fact 1plusX can find entirely new but interested consumers of whom brands and publishers were previously totally unaware.”

“Fiona Salmon has a strong track record of pioneering new targeting technologies within the digital media and marketing industries. She brings substantial experience and expertise in semantic and contextual targeting, and will be a crucial advocate for its application within our portfolio of services. Fiona is trusted by many publishers and brands in the UK and around the world to work in partnership to develop relationships with consumers, and so is the right choice to lead 1plusX into the UK,” said Dr. Jürgen Galler, CEO of 1plusX.

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