New crowdsourced, gig economy publicity service offers money-back guarantee

PWKPR/ November 7, 2017/

Innovative ‘payment-by-information’ billing for publicity

A new crowdsourced publicity service for the gig economy age is giving businesses and individuals access to affordable and money-back guaranteed marketing opportunities.

CrowdedPR sources information requests from a wide crowd of influencers such as journalists producing news and feature articles for broadcast, print and online media; very influential bloggers; researchers for not-for-profit organisations; and campaigning groups. Pre-paid credits are deducted from a subscriber’s account once CrowdedPR identifies and pitches an interested influencer relevant information. A further result fee is deducted from the account if the pitch results in a further action by the influencer, such as the subscriber’s inclusion in an article, an interview is arranged or there is a request for further information. Any unused credits are stored in the subscriber’s account to be used for future opportunities. If there is any credit left in the account 24 calendar months after initial purchase, clients can request a full refund of their remaining credit.

An online reporting system notifies CrowdedPR subscribers when an influencer has been identified and sent information. Subscribers can login to the reporting system to follow the pitch’s progress towards a further result. Any developments and tasks – such as requests for further information and interviews – are all updated within the online reporting system offering transparency of actions and easy budget monitoring.

Online news rooms are imperative for any organisation or individual that wants to conduct public relations and interact with influencers. As such, they are crucial to the workings of CrowdedPR. Every subscriber is offered a press release in the CrowdedPR online news room for free, whether they purchase credits or not. Clients, who want to take full advantage of the attention CrowdedPR attracts to them, can offer more information to journalists and influencers by upgrading their account to one of two paid for newsroom services: CrowdedPR Fudamental News Room & CrowdedPR Premium News Room. CrowdedPR’s Fundamental News Room hosts an unlimited number of subscribers’ press releases, relevant images and links to media coverage on a dedicated microsite for influencers and journalists. CrowdedPR’s Premium News Room is a monthly subscription service that enables subscribers to build an advanced, customisable, feature rich, self-managed resource for influencers with their own brand identity within 15 minutes. Subscribers can publish all of their press releases, social and video channels, photos, blog posts and more. Subscribers can self-manage and maintain their paid-for newsrooms as and when they like.

“Influencer marketing and public relations is an excellent option for anyone looking for publicity. No one reads the papers, goes online or watches TV for the adverts. The attention journalists and other influencers can give to businesses, individuals and ideas – whether via broadcast, print, online media or at events – is far more convincing and cheaper than paying for advertising. CrowdedPR is a contemporary publicity offering for companies that don’t want to pay monthly retainers and want as many guarantees as possible from public relations activities. Its focus is on identifying and reacting to real demand, only contacting influencers that have specifically expressed that they want the subscribers’ information. It’s also a reaction to the continued practise of ‘spray and pray’ public relations, which annoys journalists and influencers with unwanted and often irrelevant content,” said Brian Ahearne Founder and Director of CrowdedPR.

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About CrowdedPR
CrowdedPR is a money back guaranteed, gig economy payment-by-information, crowdsourced publicity service for companies and individuals that want attention from journalists, bloggers, other influencers, and the customers and communities they serve.

CrowdedPR’s public relations professionals monitor the interests of a wide crowd of influencers including journalists working for newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV programmes and online media; bloggers, campaigners and politicians. When CrowdedPR finds an influencer who is actively interested in receiving information about our subscribers, we persuasively pitch them information so more people can discover subscribers’ company, values, products, services and expertise.



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