Online News Rooms

Online News Rooms are imperative for any organistion or individual that wants to conduct public relations and interact with influencers, such as journalists. We offer a variety of options for subscribers that do not already operate an online news room.

CrowdedPR’s Free Press Release Publishing 

Every subscriber to CrowdedPR has their first press release placed on the CrowdedPR Online News Room for free.

For those that want CrowdedPR to inform interested influencers about more press releases and information, we recommend operating a bespoke online news room.

CrowdedPR operates two enhanced levels of service:

CrowdedPR’s Fundamental News Room

This payment-by-information online news room hosts subscribers’ press releases, relevant images and links to media coverage on a dedicated microsite for influencers and journalists. This can be linked to from subscribers’ own website.

Subscribers provide the press releases and images, although, if they need press releases written, we recommend using one of CrowdedPR’s PR agency partners, such as PWKPR.

For just £150 + VAT per year, CrowdedPR sets up the Fundamental News Room with three press releases and images included each year. CrowdedPR also manages the publishing of content on the news room for subscribers at just £60 + VAT per press release and associated image.

To see our Fundamental News Room in action, check out the CrowdedPR Client News Rooms.

CrowdedPR’s Premium News Room

This monthly subscription service enables subscribers to build an advanced, customisable, feature rich, self-managed resource for influencers with their own brand identity within 15 minutes. Subscribers can publish all of their press releases, social and video channels, photos, blog posts and more. They can maintain it as and when they like. The Premium News Room also offers tools for audience & media database management, search engine optimisation, campaign tracking, analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) features for pitching media information and more.

The Premium News Room is priced at £1530 + VAT per year. We can arrange for billing by direct debit at £110 + VAT per month. Please contact us to arrange a monthly direct debit. CrowdedPR can also manage the publishing of content on the news room for subscribers at just £60 + VAT per press release and associated images.

Demos of our Premium News Room are provided by arrangement.