CrowdedPR operates a Payment-By-Information billing model based on the gig economy. Subscribers purchase credits equating to a certain number of times a PR professional identifies an influencer that has expressly stated an interest in receiving information which the subscriber can provide. The price per action varies dependent upon the number of credits purchased.

When CrowdedPR identifies and informs an interested influencer about a subscriber, a fee equating to one credit is deducted from the subscriber’s CrowdedPR account. CrowdedPR receives a further result fee of £120 + VAT if the pitch results in a further action by the influencer, such as the subscribers’ inclusion in an article, an interview or a request for further information. The price of a result is a flat fee even if the the subscriber’s result is with a national or international TV channel, radio programme, national newspaper, consumer magazine or online media.

If after 24 calendar months, the subscriber has credit left in their account due to fewer initial pitches being made than purchased, they are given the choice of keeping the funds in their CrowdedPR account to be used in the future or to unsubscribe and have the entire amount left in their CrowdedPR account refunded to them.