CrowdedPR serves direct clients including business owners, individuals, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and business development departments as well as marketing agencies.

CrowdedPR’s professionals monitor our vast crowd of journalists and influencers to identify publicity opportunities for subscribers. When an influencer is identified as actively interested in receivng information our subscribers could supply, a CrowdedPR professional will make a compelling pitch to the influencer. The influencer may produce some publicity or other benefit directly from that pitch or want to have direct contact with the subscriber to receive further information, either from an interview or email exchange.

We place a clients’ press release and relevant image on the CrowdedPR online newsroom for free. Alternatively, if clients have more press releases and images they can offer to journalists, they can choose one of our bespoke online news rooms.

CrowdedPR is a money back guaranteed service: if after 24 calendar months from purchasing credits, due to there being insufficient opportunities identified with influencers, any credit still remaining in a subscribers’ CrowdedPR account can be refunded.