Need Press Releases and Media Collateral?

CrowdedPR gets our clients attention from qualified journalists and influencers that we know are working on something relevant to them at that specific time. CrowdedPR is reacts to their needs. Once an interested influencer is identified, our PR professionals persuasively pitch them information about our subscribers. However, to do our job, we need media collateral placed in an online news room, such as press releases, backgrounders, pre-prepared quotations, thought leadership articles, high resolution photographs and images, or broadcast quality audio and video files.

If you have not got professionally created content for your online news room – at minimum a launch press release – we recommend our partner public relations agencies, PR Darlings for consumer public relations clients, and PWKPR for all other types of public relations, including B2B, technology and corporate communications. As well as generating creative, compelling, commercial content, they are expertly skilled at proactive public relations, developing public relations strategies and tactics, targeting a wide pool of influencers and developing relationships with journalists.

CrowdedPR subscribers can qualify for discounts, so mention CrowdedPR when you’re discussing your needs with PWKPR and PR Darlings.